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I’m glad Bill has found so many people to take him in. Years ago I took 2 Germans cycling across Canada into my home when it was evident they would not make their planned destination that day. I am so glad to see what I did is what such a large number of others continue to do, despite the fear we are always being sold.

Bill's experiences help overcome my wife’s fears about family bike trips. The funny thing is, we received far greater courtesy from drivers and help from strangers when we cycled through Oregon and Washington, then we have do at home. And in Ireland a lorry driver sat behind us for 5 kms on a tiny road, never attempting to overtake, or trying to push us, just patiently waiting for the road to widen before passing.

There is something wrong with how we see our society. Right now we are safer then we have ever been, especially in the west, and yet we are sold such a culture of fear we forget this. I am really grateful that Bill Parker is out there reminding us that the world, especially our corner of it, is safe and filled with decent people.


Billy is staying with us tonight in Flamborough. He rang our doorbell and asked if he could sleep in our shed. We didn't know who he was but he explained and encouraged us to look him up on the internet...which we did. We were planning to meet friends for dinner but decided to make him a meal instead.
While we ate we heard some of his very interesting travel stories. He said he preferred to talk while we ate then take his meal out with him to enjoy throughout the night. He said he will be on his way first thing tomorrow morning.

Anita Amaro

Bill showed up here in New Dundee last night. We shared a meal and some beers and he entertained us with endless stories. After a quick coffee this morning he thanked us and was gone as suddenly as he arrived. Safe travels Bill!


Billy arrived between Paris and Burford this evening - full of stories, but easygoing and no trouble. Wish him safe travels!


Just ran into Bill Parker on this stormy February day. Said his name was Billy Parker but I see from online photos it's the same guy you've been writing about. I was at the Rama Country Market near Orillia, across the Road from Casino Rama. It was starting to snow pretty hard but he was in good spirits. Said he was thinking about catching a bus to Alberta once he got to North Bay. I hope he finds a place to sleep tonight...I wasn't able to offer.


Bill is currently enjoying a hot meal, in the luxury of our Treehouse. Cold night and snow tonight, but we put a couple of heaters in there for him. :-)

Pulled in to visit us, because he said he saw the 1st Binbrook Scout bus, and knew what a Good Scout was.

Binbrook, Ontario

Tammy Day

Billy has been staying in our church the last few days . Very interesting guy . It was nuce visiting with him and helping him out.

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