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name withheld

my sincerest condolences to Christina, her family and the entire affected community.
Bill, thanks for mentioning the 'wasn't wearing a helmet' issue. it has always enraged me when after the death of a cyclist, this comment is printed as though it somehow explains (and excuses) the entire tragedy. However, the paper is likely just reporting the only piece of information about this collision that the police released to them, since 'wasn't wearing a helmet' or similar comments are usually about the extent of their 'investigation' and follow through when cyclists are killed...
using a tragedy of this type as a platform to preach 'wear a helmet' from (which as you mention, is NOT a legal requirement), is truly unconscionable.

Mark Shortreed

"And if the gas-burning dinosaurs start to crowd you, it's your road and you paid for it. Take the lane for yourself."

Right of way means nothing when the kinetic energy of a car meets the kinetic energy of a bike.

It's not 'your' road, it belongs to everyone in the community. Cars, bikes, horses, skateboarders, roller skaters, and pedestrians need to follow the rules of the road. Trying to prove a point with kinetic energy will only lead to more sad stories like the one above.

why bother

Up-play broad daylight and downplay lack of a helmet? It's tragic he died, but more-so that someone would use his death for their anti-car agenda. Especially as it's equally probable the driver wasn't even at fault.


most bikers dont abide the laws anyways at traffic lights or stop signs so i can see why there always getting run over

crazy driver

Drive like you are in Italy. Bike lanes are for Canadian wimps.


Kitchener is continually promoting itself as a supre bike friendly city. As a daily bike commuter, I can tell you it is not. Paint green squares on a downtown street is a long way from bing bike friendly. What Kitchener IS good at is spending money on bike friendly research. Oh yes, and artsy bike racks.


The focus on the helmet is blaming the victim. By always focusing on the helmet, the reporting continues to skew the implied responsibity to the cyclist. If you compare cycling in the netherlands to here, almost no one wears helmets and they have lower rates of injury. Helmets are a deterrent to cycling, help margilaise it from normal transportation to being seen only as a sport, or something for kids.

By reporting the victim was not wearing a helmet, the report implies the cyclist took a lack of care and diligence, and thus is probably at least partially responsible for the accedent.

Rob Mk.2

Most motorists don't abide traffic laws either and surprised more them don't get run down or kill a lot more people. As a motorist AND a cyclist I observed the following in the last day or so. 1) a company truck charged through a stop sign at 60km/h 2) Aggressive tailgating of other vehicles at 100 km/h in a 70 km/h construction zone on the parkway 3) repeated failure to yield to other vehicles at the roundabout at Homer Watson and Block Line 4) Charging down residential streets at 80 km/h.

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