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Contour is the way to go, the Go Pro's are too awkward. I use my just to record some of the great rides I do. It's nice to be able to go back and watch the video during the off season.


sign me up for one of those jerseys

A. R. Robb

Laughable. Cyclists in KW are the worst going. They all think they have a right to ride on the sidewalks and endanger pedestrians. And the scofflaws who right down the road, against traffic in bike lanes are even more pathetic. Helmet cams would just show how lamentable these citizens of the road are and how utterly ignorant of the HTA they are.

Rob mk.2

Except AR I don't expect that such irresponsible people will rush out and get themselves cameras to advertise their appalling behaviour. Similarly, It is not too likely that motorists who take runs at pedestrians in crosswalks, run red lights and sideswipe cyclists will install dash cameras either.

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