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Sadly it is really not that hard to believe. In 1992 at the intersection of Gordon and Wellington roads, I was hit from behind while waiting at a red light as the driver flew though it at 2 in the afternoon. I was thrown into the intersection. Thankfully the driver had caught my pannier rather then my leg and other than contributing to back damage that required surgery I wasn’t too injured. Another driver tried to chase after the driver but was not able to catch up to him. In 1986 I also had the fortune of having a driver fly though an intersection taking a sharp left, tires squealing, and hitting my rear wheel and just missing the pedestrian in the crosswalk in his rush to get on the highway at Trafalgar and Iroquois shore road in Oakville. Thankfully I just ended up with a taco’d rear wheel and the woman screamed and collapsed in tears, but was unhurt.

One rider 2 hit and runs. I was too young and stupid to try and get the cops involved in either situation, but I doubt I would have received much support had I. This and hundreds of other interactions with bad, insane, and angry drivers has lead to my common phrase, cyclists are pylons. While most drivers are reasonable, too many drivers view anything that gets in their way as a pylon and have little regard for other people's safety. Sadly because of our autocentric culture, this perspective seems to carry over to the courts and definitely to the police when a cyclist is involved.

I really hope they catch the driver, but I bet if they do he will face minimal fines and charges, nothing that reflects the fact he could have killed the man, and just took off.

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