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Michael McGoldrick

Signs indicating that people have to walk their bicycles are really signs that ban cycling in a given area. When you are walking your bike, you are a pedestrian and are no longer cycling.

Those signs with a green circle around a symbol of someone walking their bicycle are a soft and fuzzy way of banning cycling in a particular area. The sign that should be used has a symbol of someone riding a bicycle surrounded by a red circle with a red bar through the middle. However, authorities shy away from using this sign because it makes it a little too obvious that they are in fact banning cycling.

Urban Keith

Most of these signs are placed on multi-use trails and not on trails designated as just for biking. In areas such as bridges or tunnels, there are often conflicts with pedestrians. Walking your bike across a bridge is a minor inconvenience to ensure the safety of all trail users. Again, common sense prevails here.

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