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Interesting to read all this since I grew up K-W back in 1960's to late 1970's. We lived in downtown Waterloo.

One day we should go there to visit.

As a note since K-W is getting the light rail going whenever the Bomardier trains come, be aware of the surface level light rail problems:
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-woman-killed-lrt-ctrain-killed-pedestrian-struck-whitehorn-1.4117113 Calgary Transit gets several fatalities annually of people crossing the surface light rail areas. Most of our system is at grade.


Bill, I doubt it'll be come redundant, as we build more, better infrastructure for active transportation demand will just increase. The next step is that the trail will need to separate cyclists from pedestrians, as soon as its upgraded it will be too narrow :P

It's too bad they don't take a page from Gretzky's playbook and go to where the puck is going rather than going to where it is right now.


One factor for me to prefer the trail is that it's often flatter than the roads. With the Iron Horse Trail construction closure I have been taking Courtland Ave between Queen and Sydney. I do not like the hills; plus, I made more stops at traffic lights than I would crossing on the trail.

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